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Need your song Mixed and Mastered?  Choose this bundle and save!


What you get:

Everything from the Mix Standard and Mastering services


- Mix Standard


  • 1 Song with up to 30 tracks Mixed at 44.1 | 16bit .WAV
  • The track will be Mixed to an average loudness of -18 to -23 LUFS which is currently the industry standard.
  • 2 rounds of changes




  • Perferd file type should be 44.1 | 16bit or higher .WAV
  • When bouncing out of your DAW please make sure all start and stop times are the same.
  • You can either print any effects like reverbs, chorus and delay during the individual track bounce or leave all files dry and let us know what effects you would like on each instrument.


- Mastering


  • 1 Song Mastered at 44.1kHz | 16bit .WAV
  • The Song will be Mastered at a loudness of -8 to -14 LUFS for streaming and between -4 to -6 LUFS for CD duplication.




  • Please send a 44.1kHz | 16bit .WAV stereo file or higher for us to Master
  • Please make sure the current Mix is between -18 and -23 LUFS for optimal Mastering

Mix Standard & Master

SKU: 002
  • Take your songs to the next level with this mixing and mastering package.  Bundle and save!

  • All sales are final. 

    Refunds, exchanges and credits are given on a per customer and per case basis.  For more information please read the full Refund Policy here.

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