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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does a real person Mix and Master my tracks or is it done by a program or bot?
    Every Mix and Master is done from start to finish by a real person and your project has their undivided attention. There are no presets, there is no automation, there are no shortcuts.
  • How long does a Mix or Master take? When do I get the finished product?
    Mixing and Mastering services will usually be delivered within 5 to 7 business days of submitting your files as long as payment has been made. However, this also depends on project size and number of tracks/songs submitted. Please note, the email address that you use in WeTransfer to send us your files will be the same email address we send your finished product to.
  • What if I don't like the mix or master, can I get a refund?
    The short answer is no. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds at this time. However, we are willing to do everything we can to fix whatever it is that you do not like with your Mix and/or Master. Also keep in mind all of our mix and mastering services include 2 rounds of changes as part of the service so you will have time to address any changes you may want during that time.
  • Do you do any editing or Auto Tuning?
    No. Any editing or Auto Tuning should be done during the editing stage of your project prior to sending your files to us. However, if only a few small things need to be fixed we will usually do it, this will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  • Can I leave instructions for the Engineer for my Mix and/or Master?
    Absolutely. During the checkout process click "Add a note" and you can leave any instructions for your Mix and/or Master there. If the note box does not fit everything you need please email us with further instructions at Please make sure to include your name and invoice number so we can make sure your instructions get to the right tracks.
  • How do I send you my files to be Mixed and/or Mastered?
    Currently we use the popular and free file transfer service WeTransfer. With that said, any file transfer service will work. Here are a few ways to upload files from our website. Click on the cloud icon in the top navigation menu. This will take you to the WeTransfer website where you can send us your files. Navigate to the Pricing page > Scroll to the bottom > Click on the "Upload Files" button. This will take you to the WeTransfer website where you can send us your files. Go directly to and send the files to You do not need to register for an account to use the WeTransfer service. *Note, any of the methods listed above will work.
  • I am not using Pro Tools, can I still send you my session?
    Unfortunately no. Like every other DAW, Pro Tools can only open Pro Tools sessions. However, you can still bounce all of your tracks out of your DAW, or make stems, and send those files to us. Just make sure the start and stop points for each track is the same across all tracks which should be the entire length of the song.
  • How will I receive my Mix and/or Master?
    Once we have completed your Mix or Master we will send you the file(s) through WeTransfer. Please note that the email address you use to send us the files will be the email address we use to send the finished files back to you.
  • I am on Pro Tools, can I just send you my session?
    Yes, as a matter of fact, sending us the Pro Tools session is preferred if your DAW is Pro Tools. Just zip up the entire session folder and send it to us. *Note if you have very specific plugins that you want on your project please print them into the tracks you want them on or print them onto a separate track so the Engineer can add them to the Mix and/or Master.
  • How do I purchase one or more of your services?
    Navigate to the Pricing page. Choose 1 or more services and click "Add to Cart". Proceed to Checkout and pay. *Make sure to upload your files after checkout so we can get started on your project.
  • How loud will my Master be?
    This depends on the destination, CD vs Streaming. Mastering for CD will be between -4 to -6 LUFS Mastering for Streaming will be between -8 to -14 LUFS
  • How loud will my Mix be?
    Mixes are around -6dB Peak, and anywhere from -23 dBFS RMS or LUFS to -18 dBFS RMS or LUFS average. This is the current industry standard.
  • What are LUFS?
    LUFS stands for Loudness Units relative to Full Scale. It’s a standardized measurement of audio loudness that factors human perception and electrical signal intensity together. LUFS are used to set targets for audio normalization in broadcast systems for cinema, TV, radio and music streaming. LUFS are the latest and most precise way to measure loudness in audio and is used and recommended by all streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and many others.
  • What format should my files be in?
    For best results, all files should be WAV 44.1kHz 16bit or higher. Alternatively, MP3's are accepted but .wav is preferred for best results. Sending MP3's will result in a decrease in overall sound quality.

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