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Starts Here

From the moment we recieve your tracks, we spend hours trying every combination and setting on our outboard gear to get the best possible sound for your tracks. There are no presets, there are no shortcuts.
We treat every clients music as if it were our own, and do everything we can to make your tracks sound as professional as possible.

Pro Tools Studio

Industry Leading DAW

Pro Tools Studio is at the core of our Mixing and Mastering services.  With advanced features and workflows and a cutting-edge 32-bit audio engine, we can take your project to new heights.
Want some HEAT, (Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology) added to your Mix and/or Master?

HEAT provides rich-sounding mixes like never before—with unique warmth, punch, and clarity to get the unmistakable sonic characteristics of a vintage analog console or outboard gear to “gel” your mixes together.



Mixing and Mastering Grade

From hardware modelers like SSL, Neve and API for Pre-amps, Compressors, EQ, Tape emulators and Saturation for that "analog" sound, to more modern "cutting-edge" plugins for Multiband Compression, Limiting, and Clipping and everything in between, we've got you covered.  And we try it all!
If it only takes 1 plugin or 100, we'll do whatever it takes to make sure your tracks are the best sounding they can be.

Orion 32+ gen 3

World class audio Interface

Cutting-edge AD/DA converters with up to 129dB dynamic range.

Next-generation 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology & jitter management algorithm.

Hear the true sound of your music with both digital clarity and analog warmth.



Out of the Box Summing

Enter the Burl Audio B32 Vancouver. With no capacitors in its discrete analog Class A signal path, this 32-channel "mix bus" embues your mixes with the hugeness, impact, spatial detail, and clarity your tracks deserve. It gives your mixes the "glue" they've been missing.

API 2500


Want your tracks to hit harder? Of course you do!
The API 2500 is a versatile stereo bus compressor with a patented "Thrust" highpass filter before its RMS detector, which leads the way to really punchy and hard hitting low end.


API 5500


The API 5500 manages to make a legendary EQ design and kick it up a notch! API's proportional Q allows the filter bandwidth to narrow as the amount of boost or cut is increased, allowing both surgical precision and gentle musical sweetening, just by varying the gain control. It sounds smooth, detailed, transparent, fast and very analogue — in the best possible way.


Multiband Limiting

The difference between sounding like a Mix and a demo!
The Drawmer 1973 multi-band compressor allows for a very precise and targeted form of dynamic control, with almost complete freedom from many of the more common side–effects of conventional single band compression. It allows for a level of precision and flexibility that is not obtainable with the use of todays typical full–band compressors.
More defined lows, smoother mids and sweeter highs are what this unit does best!



Mastering Grade Finisher

The SSL Fusion introduces six completely new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight and space to your mix or master.
Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, HF Compressor, Stereo Image enhancer, and SSL Transformer. Fusion provides the finishing touches for your productions with its compelling tonal and spacial enhancement, adding a touch of analog magic to your tracks.


Mastering grade A/D Conversion

Should digital converters always be ultra‑transparent? Burl thinks they should offer a little more character...
Enter the Burl B2 Bomber ADC. Smoother and more natural‑sounding top end, while the bottom end is very tightly controlled but still larger than life, and the mid-range sounds slightly more expansive and dynamic than expected. The B2 is a very 'musical' rather than 'transparent' converter, it has a kind of tape‑like ability to handle transients in a very flattering way, and the power to make a mix sound glued together in a way that is usually associate with tape-based analogue systems.


Services & Pricing

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